Privacy Policy

The privacy of our clients and of visitors to our website is important to us and we are committed to maintaining their trust and keeping their personal and confidential data safe.

This policy describes what information Ere-S collects from visitors and users of this website, how and why we collect that information, and how we keep it. This includes data collected through the cookies used on our website.

If you use our website or register for one of our training courses, you agree to the collection, use and management of your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

For details on the types of cookies we use on this website, how we manage these cookies and how you can withdraw and/or change your consent to these cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.
1. What information we collect
  • From all visitors of our website:
    When you access or browse the Ere-S website, we do not collect personally identifiable information, such as your user name or email address. Only a session ID is stored for the duration of your session. When you give or revoke your consent to accept cookies, your session ID and your IP address are logged in our server for consent tracking. Unless you revoke your consent to accept cookies from the website, we place several session and persistent cookies in your web browser to store your preferences and provide analytics. These include cookies from third-parties, such as Google Analytics. We have enforced IP anonymisation for the website usage data collected and sent to Google Analytics.
  • From registrations for our training courses:
    When you register for one of our training courses, by email or via our registration form available on the website, we ask you for personally identifiable information, such as full name, position, email address, phone number, company name, address and country.
2. What we do with your information
  • Cookie-derived information:
    Session identification and other necessary information derived from our website’s cookies is used to improve the functionality and performance of the website. That information is managed by our content management software and stays on our website hosting server. Some data derived from these cookies is also combined to generate statistical information about the usage of the website (via Google Analytics). We do not use any of the information derived from cookies, including your IP address, to identify you personally.
  • Personally identifiable information:
    Information you provide us by email or via form, including personally identifiable information, is received and stored on a dedicated server used for hosting our website and email management systems. We use this information for preparing and delivering the course you register for and providing you with related information, including confirmations, invoices, and other material related to the course or services. Your personal information may also be kept for administrative, legal and regulatory purposes.
    We may use your email address to send you occasional newsletters containing important information about our services and training courses. You can opt-out of our newsletter circulation any time by following the unsubscribe instructions provided with it.

3. Who we share your information with

We do not and will never share, transfer, trade or sell data and personally identifiable information to any other business or organisation.

Because we enforce IP anonymisation for the usage analytics of our website, full and identifiable IP address information passed through our website is not processed or stored by Google Analytics. More information about IP anonymisation can be found here and you may want to read Google’s Privacy Policy.

4. How we store and retain your information

Session identification and other necessary information derived from our website’s cookies is kept on our web hosting server for a limited time, usually for the duration of a session. Recorded cookie consent information, such as session ID and IP address is essentially kept on the server and deleted about once a year.

Personal information provided to us via course registration forms is kept on our server until the completion of the course. A copy of that information and other personal information you send us by email is stored on our computers and kept for as long as, or until:
  1. any business relationship continues to exist between you and Ere-S;
  2. we reasonably consider it necessary to provide our services, answer individual's queries, solve issues and meet any applicable internal business or regulatory requirements;
  3. the minimum legally required period (based on the type of information and subject matter);
  4. you ask us to delete that information.
Personally identifiable information that we delete from our hosting server or computers may persist on back-ups that we archive for legal, regulatory and taxation purposes.

5. How we keep your information secure

We are committed to ensure a high level of protection of personal information received from our clients and from visitors to our website. We have implemented technical and organisational procedures to safeguard personal information from loss, alteration, unauthorised access and misuse. The company hosting our website and email server has obtained ISO 27001 certification on information security management systems .

All information that we process is kept in an encrypted format on our computers and laptops, and cloud storage (when used). All data is regularly backed up and backup files are stored in an encrypted format. Secure (SSL) connexion between our computers and our email server is used.

Despite the precautions we take against possible security breaches of our website, we cannot absolutely guarantee data security against all accidental and malicious threats, including data loss, unauthorised access, hacking or other breaches. We have no security control over the internet transmission between your email software and our email server.

6. Your choices regarding personal information

Under applicable laws, you have the following rights regarding your personal information:
  • You can, at any time, withdraw your consent for Ere-S to use and process your personal information. You can opt-out of tracking by the cookies from our website using the cookie manager. You can also opt-out of receiving our newsletter by following the unsubscribe instructions or contacting us.
  • You can request access to – or receive a copy of - the personal information we hold. You can also request information about our data security processes and internal mechanisms to confirm that we are using and processing your personal information according to applicable data protection laws.
  • You can request the correction or removal of your personal information we hold on our servers and computers.
  • You can request us to stop or restrict the use and processing of your personal information.
Please send your request by email to our data controller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

7. Contacting us

If you believe that we have not adhered to this Policy or if you have requests, questions, comments, any concerns or a complaint regarding the collection and use of your personal data on this website or our email server, please contact our data controller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ere-S may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. This policy is effective from 7 Aug 2018.


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